Give Up 2
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Main Information
Developer Tasselfoot
Genre Animal
Very Hard
Date Created March 6, 2015
Other Stats
Number of levels 40 + 5

Give Up 2 is the sequel to Give Up, this time created by Tasselfoot. The goal is to finish all 40 stages, and again, you could just click the Give Up button.


You're back, trapped for Tasselfoot's amusement once again. Will you survive this time or will you give up again?


Like in the previous game, you have to survive 40 challenging floors using arrow keys/WASD keys. You have to go through all those obstacles again! Good luck this time though, there's a lot of new gadgets.

Again, you need the perfect timing. If the player isn't careful enough, you'll die and respawn! To pass the floor, you need to go through the door on the other side of the map.


  • Unlike in the last game, there is voice acting.
  • In the description of the game, Tasselfoot (The creator, not the TV show dude.) put a warning, saying "GIVE UP 2 is face-meltingly difficult. You will give up. -Tass".
  • Instead of a message when clicking Give Up, an animation will appear.
  • Many YouTubers have played this, since thyey had played the prequel.
  • There are 5 bonus levels. Bonus A, Bonus B, Bonus C, Bonus D and Bonus E.


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